Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lindsey's Luxury Living......

So I decided to be a 'nice' brother today, I helped my sister clean out her dollhouse (How nice of me).
I gave her some of my old toys since I was cleaning out my closet yesterday (by myself), It was a very dirty job and you do not want to get me started with the 'stuff' that I found in there.
So heres how her house looks now (Thanks to me):
                                   Lindsey's Luxury Living
This is the entire house, how big and beautiful!
This is the first floor, with the kitchen on the right and 
children's playroom on the left!
Here we have the second floor, with a large bedroom!
Finally we have the third floor, with a spacious eating
area with a gold chandelier, large fireplace and big balcony!

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