Monday, June 11, 2012

¡El Tango Argentino!

So today a few of us kids went to a trip for spanish class, we went to a restaurant called Buenos Aires Tango. ¡Qué chido! Right? O.M.G, I had an empanda as an appetizer and it was delicious, WAY different then the Colombian ones. As a main course I had grilled chicken with rice and french fires and flan for dessert! Before the main course was served, we learned the basic steps of tango and it was fun! The steps are easy, just UNO, DOS, TRES, CUATRO, CINCO, SEIS y ¡Olé! A lot of the people that I danced with told me that I was the best partner they had had! A little while before we started heading back, they put on bachata, merengue and salsa, now this I'm used to! My spanish teacher took me out to dance, how nice of her! Then I danced some bachata with one of the other teachers. The train ride was the usual, noisy ghetto (or as I should say ratchet, which means ghetto and is really starting to catch on in NY) KAPPA VI kids, oh how I'll miss them!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Senior Trip!

So just a little while ago (June 5) all us crazy 8th Graders piled into two coach buses and headed for Club Getaway, in beautiful Connecticut! We had an awesome time hiking, rock-wall climbing, zip lining, bungie trampolining, eating and even dancing! We even got some of our teachers to dance, that was funny. What really surprised  me was that I actually danced, but not just that, they PLAYED the song Danza Kuduro By Don Omar, who would think that a bunch of mostly "morenitos" and "gringos," with a few "latinos" would be dancing to a popular latino song, I'm mean seriously that's very rare! I took a few pictures, which I now present to you!
My friends Karen and Victoria!

My Salvadoran cheras (friends)!

Victoria and Keith who has been my friend
since Elementary School!

Gigantic Arif!

Me at the top right corner with my best friend Anthony
and the Salvadoran cheras!

In front of what we call La Vaca Rosada (the pink cow)!
Which was actually a small store!

Me and crazy Kiesha!

All of us besties!

Me "smiling" for the camera!