Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In Total Bloom....

Today, to my surprise I found 4 buds that have bloomed, this is great compared to the other two that died. It's great to see something that I have grown, blossom into something beautiful!The only downside is that they die after they bloom.

They look awesome, I can't wait till the rest bloom!


  1. Alex, I LOVE morning glories. It's sad they die in one day, but the next day more always come. Years ago I bought one small morning glory plant at a nursery and it vined into many flowers. I gathered the seeds from the flowers and each year grew a viny jungle on the back porch. It was nice to know that it all started from one small flower. Question Alex, is there a way to add a "FOLLOW" button that is non-RSS on Blogspot to receive emails for new posts you write? My email doesnt do well with RSS (old version of outlook).

    1. I'm not sure about the post thing, but yes they are beautiful flowers and it's sad to see them go!

    2. Yes there is a way to add a follow button,I now added a subscribe to blog button, so just enter your email!