Monday, April 30, 2012

Banda Blanca-Sopa De Caracol

                                                   Haha, makes me want to shake my nalgas (butt)!

Aniceto Molina-Fiesta Cumbiambera

                                 One of my most favorite songs of all time, brings back so many memories!

Secreto-Papa Dios Me Dijo

                               This song is awesome, makes me want to get up and move my feet!


¡Dios mío, I'm sneezing to much, it's all this dust from the construction......AAAARRRGGGG!
It's like, puchica vayanse, my nose is all itchy and blah.....theres this idiot construction guy who always goes around with his radio playing rock music, it gets the song says 'me duele la cabeza.'
At least the parakeets are in my room for now, their a little quiet (for now)!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Earth Day

Awesome day today! Went out to do some volunteer work at the beach for earth day, my two best-friends   and i helped make kites, the rest of my friends helped do other stuff. The good thing was that everything was for free! I got flowers, a t-shirt, I made a UV bracelet, a clay habitat and a "surviver" bag! It was hard to fly kites today, not so much wind.
There were these people called Rockaway Toca, they had corn, pozole, hibiscus tea and other stuff. The ASPCA came out. There were so many stands I can't remember!
I'll put pictures of the stuff that I got soon!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Michel Télo-Ai Se Eu Te Pego

For some reason this song popped into my head during gym, I started singing it out loud like a crazy idiot, 
I don't know it's just really catchy!

Mi Amiga y El tercer Día De Los Examenes.....

Today is Spanish Friday, english translation below!

¡Buenas Tardes! Hoy fue el tercer día de los examenes del estado, yo creo que no me voy a sacar un buen grado, quizas un dos, pero no un tres, me dan ganas de golpear me en la cabeza con un libro por no poner atención en la clase de matemática. En otras maneras yo fuí a recojer a mi hermana del escuela con mi mama, mi mama se bajo del carro a ir a buscar a mi hermana y yo me quede en el carro con mi hermano pequeño, yo mire afuera de la ventana y yo note que mi amiga del escuela hiba pasar en el frente del carro, abri la puerta y le grité ¡-----! Pero ella no me puso atención, lo mismo ocurre de nuevo cuando ella hiba con su hermana para la casa, ni siquiera me mira.....
Yo no sé por qué ella hace esto.
¡No estoy enojado, solo me rio de estas cosas tontas!

Good afternoon! Today was the third day of the state exams, I think I will not get a good grade, maybe a two, but not a three, I want to hit myself over the head with a book for not to paying attention in math class. In other ways, I went to pick up my sister from school with my mom, my mom got off the car to go pick up my sister and I stayed in the car with my little brother, I look out the window and I noticed my friend from school was going to pass in front of the car, I opened the door and yelled -----! But she did not pay attention, the same happens again when she was going with his sister to her house, she didn't even look at me .....I do not know why she does thisI'm not angry, I only laugh at these silly things!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Arroz Con Pollo

Hahaha, this was todays dinner, so sad I should have checked the picture
(Photo taken at Alex's Professional Bedroom Studios, we use the best iPad)
Haha, really taken by me and yes on my iPad!

NYC Issues

Another idiot of a New York City teacher has recently been accused of sexually assaulting a student, so sad, this is the 8th time a teacher in NY has done this, who knows how many more of these sexually assaulting teachers are out there......

Also, two NYC High Schools are set to be closed, wow, just last year the local High School in my neighborhood was closed, 5 schools are now housed in the building (4 High Schools and my middle School).

Random here: There are police lines outside of my building, interesting, what sort of crime was committed   here?


What a tiring day this has turned out to be.......
Heres my classes normal schedule for Thursdays:
Period 0:Homeroom
Period 1:Living Environment
Period 2:Living Environment
Period 3:Integrated Algebra
Period 4:Integrated Algebra
Period 5:Lunch
Period 6:ELA
Period 7:Social Studies
Period 8:ELA

But this is how the day went today:

Period 0:Homeroom 
Period 1:Math State Test
Period 2:Math State Test
Period 3:Math State Test
Period 4:Boring Period
Period 5:Lunch
Period 6:ELA Post Assessment 
Period 7:ELA Post Assessment 
Period 8:ELA Post Assessment 

Just saying here, a boy in my class got caught whispering to his friend during the Math Test, all he got was a warning. Stupid idiot should have listened to me, I was trying to tell him to stop but he just wouldn't  listen. Later in the day I went on to tell him that he almost got caught yesterday, but oh well. Its not like their really my true friends......

On with the test, well the second day of the Math State test went by quicker, it didn't even seem like we had spent three periods on it. But later in the day we spent our last three periods on an ELA Post Assessment, which not one of us finished, our ELA teacher felt sorry for us, its not like its her fault, it was the Principals dumb idea.

I just want a hot shower and my beautiful bed!

Can't wait till tomorrow it's gonna be SPANISH FRIDAY!!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Buenas Noches

¡Buenas Noches mi gente! (Goodnight my people)
I have so many topics to write about, but it's time to go to mi cama (my bed)!!!!!!!

A little peek....

My awesome plants have been growing a lot and quick!
My poor betta fish and snails have to live with this light for the next 3 days,
since the tanks light burned out.
It looks cool, awesome pencil holder from El Salvador!

Examenes, examenes y mas examenes!!!!!

Hhhhhhmmmmm.........well it looks like we teens have a free pass this year, the state made a DUMB mistake, they added some questions on the state test that were a little difficult and they are not counting these questions. Yet I'm happy! I mean come on I get some free points!
Math state test was a little difficult........):
Now quarterly exams are coming up, then the science state test, then regents, IS THE STATE TRYING TO KILL US!!!!!!!!! I feel like ripping out my hairs, that reminds me I need a hair cut, hahaha!

So so sad.....

Hello my people, I'm here again! I've got some horrible news, my cousins sister has recently been killed(This happend in El Salvador)........It's so sad what people do these days, my prayers go out to this beautiful person who deserved to live and died in front of her own family.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm Back Again!!!!!

Hey people, to start off with I'm an infrequent blogger, which i hate about me. This is just something I decided to start because I always have spare time. It's basically a blog about an average NY teen, trying to survive in this crazy world, a guy looking for the perfect girl, surviving in a Salvadoran family and dealing with two-faced people who can't control their mouths........middle school has it's ups and downs sometime, it's worth having a group of friends that you can trust! 
Can't wait till high school in september!