Thursday, February 21, 2013

I had my laptop In hand, so i finally got to typing.

    My last blog post was in november, I hope you guy weren't thinking 'is he dead?'. Well I'm not so great at constantly writing blog posts, I'm lazy and a huge procrastinator! Sorry for having to keep you guys waiting for 3 months.
    Hurricane Sandy came and left, swaying our casita from side to side. It wasn't the best experience. At times I thought that the windows were going to burst open or that the house was going to topple over. Some of my dad's family came to stay with us over night while the storm passed, it wasn't so bad, except for the fact that the power went out! We were without hot water and power for 2 weeks (gracias LIPA)! Also, my sister and I didn't go to school for those 2 weeks, but the state took our winter brake (damn you NYS).
    Moving on to something more positive, I am almost finished with my freshman year in high school, just 3 more months (well technically 4)! I am very proud of myself because this year I got some of my highest grades ever! My current average is a 94 and I am in the High Honor-roll (I am not gloating). We all ready made our schedules for 10th grade, so these are the classes I will be taking next year:
English 10 Honors
Spanish 3 Honors
Painting and Drawing
Culinary Arts
Global History 2 Honors
Physical Ed.
I will not be taking lunch next year, just to fit in an extra class.

I guess I'm done for today mi gente, hopefully I'll post again very soon.
Adios or as we say in El Salvador 'Salú'.

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