Thursday, April 26, 2012


What a tiring day this has turned out to be.......
Heres my classes normal schedule for Thursdays:
Period 0:Homeroom
Period 1:Living Environment
Period 2:Living Environment
Period 3:Integrated Algebra
Period 4:Integrated Algebra
Period 5:Lunch
Period 6:ELA
Period 7:Social Studies
Period 8:ELA

But this is how the day went today:

Period 0:Homeroom 
Period 1:Math State Test
Period 2:Math State Test
Period 3:Math State Test
Period 4:Boring Period
Period 5:Lunch
Period 6:ELA Post Assessment 
Period 7:ELA Post Assessment 
Period 8:ELA Post Assessment 

Just saying here, a boy in my class got caught whispering to his friend during the Math Test, all he got was a warning. Stupid idiot should have listened to me, I was trying to tell him to stop but he just wouldn't  listen. Later in the day I went on to tell him that he almost got caught yesterday, but oh well. Its not like their really my true friends......

On with the test, well the second day of the Math State test went by quicker, it didn't even seem like we had spent three periods on it. But later in the day we spent our last three periods on an ELA Post Assessment, which not one of us finished, our ELA teacher felt sorry for us, its not like its her fault, it was the Principals dumb idea.

I just want a hot shower and my beautiful bed!

Can't wait till tomorrow it's gonna be SPANISH FRIDAY!!!!!

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